In 2005, we were eagerly awaiting the arrival of our son and looking forward to being first time parents. Danny was a true motorcycle enthusiast and the founder/owner of Southland Choppers, which was beginning to be successful. Danny often chose two wheels over four--as he did on August 16, 2005, the day our lives took a dramatically different course. A seemingly normal day, Danny was driving down the highway on a customer's motorcycle when he was struck by a van and run over. I was 33 weeks pregnant. His injuries were extensive, including a traumatic brain injury. While his broken bones have healed quickly, Danny’s internal recovery--and our family’s journey--continue as we work to turn

Tragedy into Triumph.

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In On 10 – The House, Part Two

She was created in 1971 before either of us were born. Built with concrete and wooden 2 x 4s, brick facade and cedar siding, she is a tribute to the decade of my birth. While she has had some updating,


In On 10 – The House, Part One

We’ve been talking publicly about our #bigthreeof2016 since January, but the dreams have been simmering in our hearts for much longer. Of course, we’ve wanted Danny to walk again since Day One and the dream to write and share our

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The Shepherd Center

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, is a private, not-for-profit hospital specializing in medical treatment, research and rehabilitation for people with spinal cord injury and brain injury.


HelpHOPELive is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that helps patients and families facing transplantation or catastrophic injury afford uninsured medically related expenses through grass-roots fundraising.


OneNeed is a non-profit organization located in metro Atlanta that connects individuals and organizations in need with a community of people ready to help.

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In On 10


You can support Danny’s participation in Beyond Therapy at Shepherd Center! Join the In On 10 movement by giving 10 On 10! Now you can pray and give for Danny on the 10th of each month!

Visit our Patient Page at HelpHopeLive. All donations are tax deductible.  HelpHopeLive – Danny Diaz


We set aside the 10th of each month as Pray Day for Danny. Follow us here or on Facebook for specific requests, but the list below always applies:

  • Danny’s recovery – mind, body and spirit
  • Funding for therapy and uninsured medical needs
  • Hope and courage to stay the course

Join the movement and be In On 10! 

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