It’s the 10th day of the 10th month and I have five minutes to tell you about today’s Pray Day for Danny.

Ready, set and go!

Danny has asked that we pray that he see and be able to identify progress in his ability to walk independently. And, while I love his articulation of his desire, I wanted more specifics.

I believe our prayers should be detailed so that when God answers we can easily identify His work in those prayers.

According to Katie, super rock star physical therapist, Danny needs prayer in these areas to be able to progress in his walking:

  • Consistent wider right step placement-Danny’s muscles in his right leg are extremely tight which don’t help his stance placement. We’ve been prescribed stretching! Pray Danny remembers and initiates his stretching.
  • Better right hip strength
  • Danny’s body sensing stability in his leg so he can take the weight off his hands

Yay! Specific prayers!

Since it’s the 10/10 Pray Day, I’m going to throw out somethings in this life that Danny says he’s grateful for. It’s always good to be able to identify what your needs are, but also to identify your blessings.

  • Increased strength in his core
  • His personal trainer, Daniel-shout out to D!
  • Me and the Boy

What about you? Are you In On 10 today?

Let join together in prayer around these specific prayer requests for Danny’s progress in walking!