Join with me as I embark on a 31-Day Writing Challenge! Inspired by Lisa-Jo and created by the Nester, this exercise takes writers on a journey to write on one topic for 31 days straight.

Me? I’m attempting to go through our journey and countdown 31 things I used to have to do for Danny, that I don’t have to anymore. This exercise has already taken me down roads I haven’t traveled in my mind in quite some time. It has, and will allow me to be reminded just how far we really have come since August 16, 2005.

9. Hold the Phone

Perhaps it’s a small thing, but no matter; it’s still a thing.

We’ve talked about the outbursts and I definitely am not in the mood to go over that topic again. But, aside from the yelling, cursing, throwing things and spitting, Danny would call 911.

Now, it may have been a good idea for a call to be made, but more for us than for him.

In fact, we were told by the case manager from Shepherd to call 911 if he ever got too out of hand that someone might get hurt. Cra-zy!

There were two phone lines at my in-law’s house; theirs and ours. The 911 operators finally put a special note in the system when they got calls from our number. They would call Danny’s parent’s number to verify the emergency.

Officers even came out to the house and gave Danny a good talking to about what really is an emergency.

Thankfully, he eventually grew out of it, emerged out of it, whatever and I hope no 911 calls have to made from our number again.

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