You’ll have to forgive me.

Yes, I know we just passed the 5th anniversary of Danny’s accident.  I was there, remember?

Where was my anniversary post?  I didn’t write one.  I didn’t reflect too much either.

I guess I’m beginning to look forward, to plan for beyond.

Whatever philosophical crap that means, right?

Honestly, the anniversary was pretty uneventful or maybe I’ve just become apathetic to it.  I was rather indifferent emotionally.  I’m not even sure I cried.

It is what it is.  Nothing I can do about it.

I was somewhere in the middle of being down in the dumps and celebrating Danny’s life.  I guess that may be normal at this point.

Things have been a bit crazier than our crazy normal.

How is that possible?  Well, Danny’s assistant resigned after three years with us.

That will always throw a wrench in your plans.  So we had to take some time to adjust, seriously.  At first, I was a very upset girl, but about 10 days afterwards, I realized there seemed to be a shift in Danny.

He was happier.

I also noticed that maybe having JC for three years, doing the same job became a bit of a crutch for Danny, for us.

Thankfully, at the end of July, we went to see Dr. Kaelin.  He was very delighted with Danny’s progress and we’re happy that Danny has started back at Shepherd Pathways.

Pathways is Shepherd’s outpatient brain injury facility.  The last time Danny was there was 2006.  Things have changed since then and that is a big understatement.

I’m hoping with Danny’s added occupational therapy, he will work on ways to do things more for himself.  It’s perfect timing for us since we’re trying to figure out the whole caregiver issue.

Danny fell again.  I told you it’s been crazier than our crazy.

He and his mom fell in our exercise room here at our condos while transferring back into his wheelchair.  Yes, he hit his head.  Thankfully, there was a lady in there too who promptly called for help.  I was upstairs and flew down when Loida called me.  Overall, we were very blessed as it could have been worse.  Danny’s head just has more character now.

Corbin started school this week and loves it.  He is one of the oldest in his class and one of the tallest.  I swear that kid has grown two inches this summer.

I finally got my allergy testing completed.  It took so long because I was not healthy enough to take it and now I know why.  I was tested for 36 allergens and I responded positively to 23 of them.  Nice odds.  Although I have a mild reaction, because I have so many, my body never gets a break.  They also asked if I was under stress as that can trigger allergic reactions.  Me?  None whatsoever, right?  So, next week I pick up my new immunotherapy medicines and hopefully, we can move past this yuck.

I am most excited though that I received the video this week.  I’m trying to figure out how to load it and where to put it on the site so keep checking back often.

Also, I’m going to throw so pictures up in the gallery this weekend.  At least, that is my plan and we know what happens to the best laid plans, right?

Until next time, folks, register for the golf tournament.  It’s going to be the best one yet!

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