You know Iíve been sick when I havenít shared great news for five days.

As youíve probably learned by now, Danny goes through his physical therapy evaluations every 12 weeks. These evaluations are required by medical insurance, to provide documentation of progress, or lack thereof.

Following the Thanksgiving holidays, Danny struggled getting back into his therapeutic routine. The Monday after Thanksgiving, he was scheduled for his re-evaluation. I was nervous, especially since Danny had completed many of his transfers that weekend doing the hula-hoop shake.

Katie (super cool therapist) had to bring down some tough love on Danny, and me too.

He has to walk every day.

This is simple in theory, but as one who has fallen with Danny, seen him fall and has had to figure out how to get him off the floor after falling, the idea of Danny walking (with the walker) solo is a difficult transition a better normal.

But, Katie threw down some hard line goals and Danny (and I) agreed.

  • Starting now, walking 1 hour a day that he is not in Beyond Therapy
  • By the end of December, taking a 30 minute walk at the end of the day, Monday-Friday
  • By the end of January, taking a 30 minute walk at the end of every day
  • By the end of February, walking 150í in the hallway by himself (while someone takes his chair to the other end of the hall)
  • As of January 1st, no power wheelchair allowed in Shepherd Center, only his manual chair.
  • Eventually, no chair at all inside Shepherd.

And, in preparation for all this independent walking, they will work on worst case scenarios at BT, practicing falls and how to get back up again.

My stomach is turning.

At this point, the issue lies with us. For so long, Danny had to work to get to this point and now itís here. Itís a matter of us making walking a part of our lives, where for so long, it hasnít been.

Itís scary and exciting.

Itís the final push.

Letís compare the evaluation results from the first of this year to just last week.

I have to wonder how dramatically these results will vary when we apply the goals that have been outlined.

In three more months, how different can our lives look if we buckle down and do the work?

Itís been a long, long, long journey. Itís been a long, long, long time that weíve been stuck. But, if we do this work, if we make the time that we canít seem to find, to apply these goals, what will happen?

Itís scary and exciting.

It may just be the final push-the end of one chapter and the beginning of a better one.

Pray for us as we make every attempt to work these goals into our already full days. Pray that we work well together and as a team. Pray for our safety and Danny’s strength, confidence and endurance to grow, but that he would still be able to make safe decisions.

As always, we are grateful.

2 thoughts on “A Hard Line

  • December 4, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    Allison….. I know you don’t know me, but I have been following your story since Day 1. My husband and I attend God’s Rolling Thunder and first heard about you through Derek (sp). I have kept track of you all ever since. I notice that as time goes on, the number of folks who “respond” seems to get less, but I just wanted to send you some encouragement that you are NOT alone. I so admire your courage, your testimony and the true love you have for your husband and your son. I lost my first husband 22 years ago and it changed the course of my life forever. But God had GREAT things for me as a result of that tragedy. Of course, I couldn’t see those things “in the moment,” but I held tight to His promises and He kept them. So I would just encourage you to stay the course. Allow God to keep writing the story of your life the way He wants it and I know that you are going to be blessed beyond belief! Please know that you, Danny and Corbin have been in my prayers through thses years and will continue to be.

  • December 4, 2012 at 1:27 pm

    Wow, I need to do a regimen like that, too. Godspeed, Danny and Allison!

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