Yes, I realize it’s been about another month since I posted and I realize that I’m a slacker once again.  Perhaps though, as you read, you might catch a glimpse into the reasons why I’ve been quite absent.

Has Danny made progress?  Absolutely.  And, I wish I could show you with video or photos, but for reasons you’ll read about later, that just isn’t possible at this moment.

I will, however, share some interesting bits of improvement with you.

Danny has climbed stairs, more than once and of course, what goes up, must come down.  I have a video of this and will hopefully be able to share it soon.  If you’re on Facebook, the video is posted there.

Danny has walked long distances with the walker without anyone having to touch him.  Specifically, one recorded distance was 238ft.

As Danny mentioned in his blog post named FRUSTRATION, he has walked the “blue carpet tunnel” on more than one occasion.  Again, I have evidence, but later.

Danny had a Re-evaluation last week.  I have copied parts of Candy’s email below.  Some of her notes are coded, but I think you’ll be able to understand most of it.

I completed Danny’s re-evaluation this morning and there were a few exciting changes. First, he was able to dorsiflex his right foot almost full range (I had to ask him to pick up his knee in order to do it, but I have never seen more than a “twitch” in his right TA). His gait testing also showed some significant improvements: Read the note copied from GUI.3/22/10; Addendum: After reviewing gait testing, patient improved made significant improvements in all three gait tests over previous testing to include: 10MWT improved by 26 sec. (42% improvement); 6 min WT improved by 105ft (37% improvement); TUG improved by 25 secs (31% improvement). Patient continues to demonstrate improved stability as well with over ground mobility requiring only CGA today including managing all turns during TUG test. Will continue with current POC and focus on following thru with independent ambulation at home. Candy Tefertiller, PT

New 12 week Goals: 1. Complete all bed mobility with supervision. 2. Ambulate household distance with rolling walker and Mod I. 3. Sit to stand and stand pivot transfers with rolling walker and supervision. 4. Ambulate at home with family/caregivers for all basic household ADL’s x 3 bouts during the day; 5. Ascend/descend 1 flight of stairs with 1 handrail and CGA/Min A to get into family’s cabin in the mountains; 6. Complete driving evaluation—I just emailed Dr. Kaelin to see if he would write an order for this–remind me to not be on the road when you do this 🙂

Yes, Danny is doing well and continuing to progress.  And, yes, you read that right.  They’re going to do a driving evaluation.  Thankfully, this initial testing is not on the road!

Speaking of being on the road, many of you may remember that Danny has been transferring to my car or his mom’s SUV for quite some time.  It’s been a significant change in Danny’s daily life to actually be able to get out of his wheelchair and into a real seat.  He can actually see and change the music all he wants.  He even thinks he can tell us how to drive, but just wait until he gets that driving evaluation.  Pay back stinks!

Anyway, while Danny’s mom drives an SUV, his wheelchair doesn’t fit into my trunk so I have to tie the trunk lid down.  While this has been doable, it isn’t always feasible.  If it’s raining or if we’re stopping by Costco or the grocery, with his chair, we just don’t have room.  So, we’ve been looking to get something new for me to drive that would meet all our needs without having to make it handicap accessible.  Plus, in PTL news, Danny’s power wheelchair has finally been approved and we’ll need a way to transport it.

After much prayer and searching, I’m very excited to say that I have a new car!  While it’s new to me, it is used since it was part of a rental fleet, but it’s in great shape and was Certified Pre-Owned.  Drum roll, please…………we are now the proud owners of a 2009 Ford Flex!  We just took receipt of it yesterday and we do have pictures, but they’ll have to wait too.  It is perfect for Danny to transfer and there is plenty of room for cargo and wheelchair, and Corbin just loves it.  He was so cute when I took him to school today talking about his new Ford Flex.

So, Danny will have new wheels in a couple more weeks and this Mama has new wheels too.  I very thankful to the Lord for working it out so smoothly.

Mr. Corbin has started T-ball (I do have a picture of this and will post it in the photo gallery).  He is so cute in his uniform.  Opening Day, they had a parade with all the teams through town and opening ceremonies.  The mayor was even there to throw out the first pitch.  It was so fun!  Of course, T-Ball does require parent participation.  I was out on the field with my big camera around my neck and my flipvideo tucked in one pocket and my cell phone in the other.  It was quite a juggling act, but Corbin had fun and didn’t want it to end.

Lastly, in addition to my day to day stress, I’ve been under more.  Not only have I been sick for the last two months, our office is closing it’s doors on Friday and I’m moving to working from home.  So, needless to say, I’ve been an even more busy girl lately.  I’m responsible for closing down our operations here and also trying to set up a corner to work in our condo.  And, because my work computer equipment was due for an update, I’m getting a new computer for use at home.  Therefore, no pictures or video have been loaded on this old machine because I don’t want to have to do again when I get my new one.  So, I think I’ll have to have one update where it’s just pictures and video!

Now, about this sickness.  It’s not just me, but Corbin too.  And, now, Danny got thrown in the mix.

The problem with me is that I’m on my third round of antibiotics, among other medicines per my new ENT doctor and I still don’t feel any better.  I’m scheduled for a sinus CT scan later this month so hopefully, we’ll get some answers.  In the meantime, I’m really just annoyed.  The most frustrating part is not being able to hear very well out of my right ear.  There is so much fluid built up that it sounds like the right side of my head is underwater.  Plus, I fall into these coughing fits where it sounds like my lung is going to pop out and introduce itself.  People stare.  I feel it.  None of this is fun!

Then, my sweet boy is also on his third round of antibiotics.  Ear infections that just won’t go away, along with a runny nose and productive cough, plague him.  Once he finishes a round of antibiotics, the cough and runny nose come back and then turns into another infection.

Thankfully, until last week, Danny has been untouched with this.  With his history of pneumonia, I got him in to see the doctor right away and they did a chest x-ray.  It was negative for pneumonia, thank God, but he does have bronchitis.  He’s been on his antibiotics since last week and seems to be doing better.

So, please keep our health in your prayers, in addition to all our other chaos of course.  Life continues to improve albeit ever so slowly.  We’re thankful to God for His many blessings.  Even during the most stressful times, He reminds us that He is able to do even more than we can ask or imagine.  If you ever doubt it, just ask Danny how excited he is about all the opportunities he’ll have now with his power wheelchair or ask me how it feels to have a car that meets our families’ needs.  Sometimes, we just need reminding and I’m glad He does that for me.

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