If you haven’t heard this question come out of the mouth of your child yet, well, you will.  It’s inevitable that at some point in your child’s life, they will ask it.  The funny part about it, is that they don’t just ask it once.

Corbin and I were blessed to be able to vacation for a week at the beach in Florida with some friends.  With all the pressures in life, I was really due, overdue for a vacation.

We drove to the beach.

How many times do you think Corbin asked if we were there yet?  He asked so many times, it became laughable.  We weren’t even to Macon, GA from Atlanta when he started.

And, it was in that moment, of him asking repeatedly, that the small little voice in my head said, “Aren’t you doing the same?”

Are we there yet?

Are we done with this journey?

When are we moving to the next chapter?

When is Danny going to walk again?

When will this be over?

These are questions I ask in my head, like Corbin, repeatedly.

The funny thing about it all, is that as a parent, I knew that once we got to the beach, it wouldn’t matter to him how long it took to get there.

We jumped the waves in our clothes.  We took a walk on the beach at sunrise.  We played in the sand.  We had ice cream and shrimp, not together though.  Corbin learned to swim and snuggled a lot with Mommy.

He was blessed.  He laughed.  He ran after birds and jumped the waves over and over again.

It was so much fun to me, as a parent, to watch Corbin enjoy the blessings.

He’d forgotten the lengthy journey and merely enjoyed the moments.

In the same way, our heavenly Father knows the blessings ahead of us.  He knows that once we arrive, the hardships of the journey will fade in the shadows.  He knows what awaits us.  He knows and yet, we still keep on asking.

Pastor didn’t preach his prepared sermon on Sunday.  The Spirit moved and he briefly spoke about Jacob, the heel catcher.

When Jacob wrestled with the man, who was an angel, he said to the angel that he would not let him go until he blessed Jacob.

Many people miss their blessing because they let go.  It’s not going according to their plan and they think it must not be working.  They think they should have arrived already.

I know we’re not there yet.  I wish we were.  But, I’ll hold on like Jacob until the blessing that God has prepared for us upon our arrival is here.

I will trust Him though I cannot see the end.

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