Ding, ding, ding.  Round 2 has started!

Danny is officially back at Shepherd and Beyond Therapy.  We’ve started with only 6 hours weekly; two hours, three days a week. Danny is responsible for the extra time he would have been with a therapist (BT maxes out at 9 hours a week).

It a new start for him in many ways.

Our beloved Candy, Super Therapist, has moved onto another facility in another state and we wish her the best!  Her shoes can never be filled, but Shepherd has placed another set of shoes in the closet.

Melissa was under big scrutiny from us because we absolutely adore Candy.  And, while Melissa is different, she is quite effective with Danny and he’s definitely warmed up to her which I’m thankful for.

It is good to get a new set of eyes on Danny’s current abilities and to have a new perspective on Danny’s care.

Danny had to be re-evaluated prior to his start last week.  November 2nd vs. three + years ago has made a big difference.

They were able to measure/test some of Danny’s strengths/mobility now that they were not able to when he first started BT in June 2007.

You have to recall that at that time, Danny couldn’t even stand and bear his own weight, or push his own wheelchair.  Now, he can walk with a walker with assistance, sit on the side of the mat without support and stand for minutes at a time while holding a bar.  He can leg press more than 100lbs. with each leg, one at a time.  They actually put him on the bench press to see how it’d go; however, with his right arm being significantly stronger, the press was quite one sided.

Yesterday, they worked on mat table exercises; swinging his own legs on/off the table, rolling over and coming up to a sitting position.  He mentioned his abs were sore this morning and I have to say “good!”

I’m so glad to have Danny back at Beyond Therapy.  There is such a difference in him and his spirit when he is there and challenging himself.

But, to be very honest, the lingering pressure in my chest is I’m not sure how long we can keep him there.  As with most people these days, money is tight to say the least and no one is really giving.

I’m nervous.

Danny needs to be there.  Watch the video and you’ll see and hear what the professionals say.  Danny has broken the mold.  He is reinventing the wheel.  He is not the typical survivor story.  He is more.

I can only contribute that to God and the work He is doing.  I can only believe that for some reason, we have to go through the process of healing, rather than embracing a radical miracle.

It’s for us, not doubt.  Growth. Maturity. Development of faith and knowledge.

But, I believe it’s more than just us.  It’s you too.

You can be a part of this.  No matter if you read this message and just pray, or if you give financially to keep Danny moving at Shepherd, you are a part of it.  And, it’s big.

Be the drop in the water that starts the ripple effect.

Do something.  Be active.  Be the hands and feet of Christ.  Go. Get back in the saddle.

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  • November 14, 2010 at 6:12 pm

    As I read your latest entry, I am reminded that it is “HE” who began the “good” work in you – “HE” has promised that He will finish it. In this I am confident. You are loved. . . you are “HIS”. . . mom

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