Merry Christmas and Happy New Years! I wanted to make sure that I updated you all before our big trip out west to Arizona.
Danny and I are counting down the days, the minutes until we leave for Arizona on Thursday. I’m a bit nervous for the actual flight; not so much for the logistics of getting Danny on the plane, but for Corbin. Historically, he has not done well on the airplane, but I’m hoping that now that he’s a bit older and Danny and Aunt Dina are with us, he’ll fare better. I have my list of things to pack and trying to make sure we all get there with everything we need. Please pray for traveling mercies and for a cooperative little boy:)
Danny got his casts off his legs on November 26Th and has had some issues that we’re hoping will soon be worked through. He has had incredible pain, especially in his right ankle since the removal of the casts. This has impeded his therapy and he has actually regressed some. Of course, this has concerned all of us including his therapists who were confused and frustrated with how to approach his therapy sessions. Danny was unable to accomplish things that he’d been doing for three months. So, we went back to the surgeon who confirmed that Danny was going to experience pain and for up to three months; that he would have lost some strength since the surgery, but most importantly, Danny will have to work through the pain and not lose the ground that he’s gained in his flexibility. Please pray that Danny will “dig deep” and press through the pain, understanding that it will end.
Praise the Lord, we’re still on for our big move in the coming new year. Our closing is set for January 8Th and we’ll move in slowly afterwards. My goal is to have the new place painted, a ceiling mounted patient lift installed, the new appliances delivered, kitchen unpacked and organized and furniture delivered before we move in for good. It’s going to be a busy month, but I’m blessed to have my mom in for most, if not all of that time. Hint, hint, Mom! Extend your plane ticket:)
For those of you who may not know, we have finally answered demand and inserted a “Donate Now” page to the Web site at Once you click on the Donate Now tab in the menu, you will be directed to a page with information on what your donations contribute towards and also where to send a check or how to donate by credit card via PayPal. Several of you have asked how you can help, and you’ll find your answers there. Thank you to all of you who have donated; your blessings will be honored.
Corbin is growing up so fast and is definitely exploring his boundaries. It’s difficult, but those sweet moments where he gives me an unsolicited “I love you, Mama” make it all worthwhile. It is so great to watch him grow closer with Danny and to see them interact more. Danny is very attentive to Corbin’s actions and is helpful being another set of eyes for me. It will only be easier once we’re all on one floor in our condo.
Corbin has been sick the last week. I think he is getting his molars, but am not 100% sure. I’m taking him to the doctor this afternoon to make sure there isn’t anything more serious going on with him, especially before we board that plane. Please pray for him.
Lastly, I’m asking for prayers for me. I know there are those of you out there that pray for me, probably more than you do for Danny. I am very tired; emotionally, physically, spiritually, all the way around. I find myself growing impatient with Danny and Corbin and am having to really pull myself in to not cry and break down all the time. I am hoping this time in Arizona will give me some much needed breaks, but at the same time hate to put the load on my extended family. I also want to spend quality time with Danny and Corbin. I feel like all I’m ever doing is care giving and not being a wife and mother. It is a delicate balance for anyone, I know, but it seems especially heavy right now. I’m not even sure what to ask you pray for for me, but trust the Lord will lead you in the appropriate direction.
Merry Christmas to you all and I pray many blessings for you in 2008. I know we’re excited for the New Year and what it holds for us.
Oh, if you love the picture of Corbin and the new family shot, email me and I’ll send you the photographers information. She’s great!

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