Obviously, I didn’t quite finish the update that I started last week. I considered deleting it and starting all over, but to be honest, I still feel some of those frustrations and it is, after all, a real part of this journey.

The rollercoaster continues, but at least we had a great day yesterday celebrating Valentines’ Day. I took off of work and spent the whole afternoon with Danny. He had a great attitude all day long and it was such a refreshing day. We need those days that in spite of circumstances, we laugh and have fun. It definitely gets me through more days.

We did visit the liver specialist on Tuesday and he is running a bunch of test on the massive amounts of blood they took from Danny. He is not overly concerned right now as there seems to be no swelling in the liver or anything terribly abnormal. He suggested we put Danny on The South Beach diet. Lovely! That first phase is oh so fun! I don’t look forward to enduring it; well, I can handle the diet, but not Danny. Oh, he is going to be so difficult.

Anyway, last Friday Danny had his first therapy in the pool. Basically, as part of the membership to Promotion Fitness Center at Shepherd, we can have personal training. So, Danny has three sessions with a therapist in the pool in which we are trained on how to do pool therapy with Danny. Once we’re through with our sessions, we can take Danny anytime he wants to go work out. He will also have access to the weight room where most the equipment is accessible to wheelchairs. Again, he can go anytime they’re open. It should be interesting to see how self motivating Danny will be to work out. We won’t be meeting any therapists and he won’t need an appointment. As long as they’re open, he can go. I can only hope that he will find it within himself to initiate exercise.

Pool therapy was a bunch of fun. He laughed and seemed to really enjoy it. I learned a lot along with him since I was in the water. I think I got more of a workout than he did. It gave me a greater sense of how much strength Danny has. His legs are extremely strong, but still need some work in the hips and hamstrings. I think what is keeping him immobile is the trunk control. We have to work those abs! Besides, this will make him lose weight, which will decrease the liver enzymes, which will lower the cholesterol. Do you see a pattern?

Danny goes again tomorrow to the pool and his father is going to help him with therapy this time. I’m really excited and hope that this is something that Hector and Danny can continue together. Danny has been really hard on his father and so in order to avoid an outburst, Hector avoids a lot of contact with Danny. It is unfortunate that Danny is like that, but what can you do? So, since Hector is a diver and loves the pool, we thought it would be great to explore this opportunity with Danny. I pray that Danny enjoys the time with his dad and wants to continue.

We also tackle the weight room tomorrow after our time in the pool. I know Danny will be tired, but we’re just going for an evaluation so we can learn what equipment will be best suited to Danny’s needs. So, once we’re through with that, again, Danny can go anytime he wants to for exercise. Please pray that he will find some self-motivation. He has been begging me to get him some therapy outside of the home, so now, he has no excuse. I’m hoping he won’t’ find another one.

Danny’s new wheelchair has been ordered and so I’m hoping to have that for him next week. He doesn’t really want to get in the chair we have now because it really doesn’t fit him. I know it must be uncomfortable, so I’m pressing our vendor to get the new wheelchair as soon as possible. This was part of my frustration last week too. The chair should have been ordered the last week of January, but because people dropped the ball, it didn’t get ordered until last Wednesday. Ahhhhh!

Deep breath. So, now you know a bit more than you probably ever wanted to know. I know that I got away from the more personal updates. I’m trying to change that not just for you, but for me too. I think it is good for me to share what the truth is that is going on inside of me. I have lots of other thoughts about the spiritual aspect of this journey, but I’ll share those another time. I do have pictures that I need to upload, but it requires time at home that I don’t usually have especially since, gasp, it isn’t on the top of my priority list. I know, I know. You forgive me.

Corbin did get his first haircut and he looks absolutely adorable. Actually, he has now had two haircuts. The second one doesn’t really count as a cut as I really shaved his head. He looks all the more like Danny now and is the most handsome little guy this side of the Mississippi. He is into everything and is absolutely defiant sometimes, but that all comes from Danny. He, he, he! He is very independent which he gets naturally, but there are those precious moments that he snuggles into me and the world would come crashing down around me before I’ll move. I don’t get too many of those snuggle moments anymore since he is no longer a baby, but a full grown toddler. For those of you that have been praying specifically for Corbin to sleep better, your prayers have been answered. He now sleeps the majority of the nights all the way through and I can’t tell you how thankful I am for that. It makes all the difference in the world to get a full night’s rest. So, thank you for your prayers!

Loida continues to tackle her own giants. She has just four more chemo treatments and then a few weeks later, she will start radiation. We give thanks to the Lord because she doesn’t have to have a surgery between the two treatments like we originally planned. Once she begins radiation, she has to go five days a week for six weeks. It will be tough, but we have faith that the Lord will continue to shower upon her the grace and blessing of little if no side effects. Thank you for your prayers for her.

As I close this combined update, I ask that you specifically pray for Danny’s heart and mind. I know that Danny will walk again. I can deal with Danny’s physical limitations if his mind and heart are sound. Satan is very evil and where Danny is the weakest, he has sent his strongest warriors. If Satan gets a hold of our mind and our heart, then he has us. I’m not giving Danny up, are you? I don’t want Danny to walk again if he chooses to ignore the Lord. I want a husband that is so devoted to the Lord and honors the Lord in all he does. Only then, will all our dreams and joys come true and will our heavenly purpose enlarge His Kingdom. So, I pray “Have your way, Lord. Have your way.”

Many blessings and thanksgiving,

Allison “surrendering, again” Diaz

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