Greetings, Diaz Site Subscribers! I hope you all are well and want to thank you for checking in on us. Your continuous emails and prayers are so comforting, so keep them coming!

This past weekend was a new experience for us. I got sick and those of you who come to visit know how we’re such germ freaks, so needless to say, I banished myself from Danny’s presence. Since I’m on the A-Team, the second string players had to jump in to help with Danny’s care. So, a big THANK YOU goes out to my loved ones who stepped up to the plate.

Emotionally, it sucked to say the least. I stayed in the house for the most part, but didn’t go wherever Danny happened to be at the moment. One night, I was sitting in the living room next to Danny’s room and he knew I was there. He kept begging me to come closer to him and to help him. There he was sitting ten feet in front of me asking me to come to him and to help him and all I could do was sit there and try to explain to him why I couldn’t. He didn’t care if he got sick and promised me he wouldn’t. Again, right now, you just can’t reason with him. It was all I could do to keep my butt firmly planted on that couch. In his mind, I wouldn’t come to him because I didn’t love him and he said as much to me. Wow, talk about break your heart. The next day, I packed Corbin in the car and we went to my parent’s house. I couldn’t stand the thought of Danny knowing I was there, but not spending time with him. Of course, he broke my heart again when I told him I was going to my parent’s house, he asked me to take him with me. Ouch!

Yesterday I was feeling better, but was occupied with Corbin all day. Corbin decided he only wanted to take a few 30 minute naps instead of his usual hour minimum nap. So, that left me with little time to spend with Danny again. Finally, though, after Corbin fell asleep last night, I got to snuggle in bed with my husband and watch TV. It was just like old times; he didn’t obsess with being cold, he didn’t beg me for water. We laughed and cuddled and he asked me not to leave him. How I wish I could sleep in the same bed as him!

Recovery-wise, Danny had a great day yesterday. His speech therapist was unable to come for her visit because her son was sick and she didn’t want to put Danny at risk. However, Danny remembered that she was supposed to come and that she was going to let him eat. As a reminder, we are not allowed to give Danny anything by mouth; only the therapist. But, because Danny is doing so great and because she was confident that we would follow her direct instructions, she let us give him food and Danny did great. He was able to feed himself with the spoon and actually cleaned the bowl of chocolate pudding with his finger. Oh, come on, you know you use your finger to clean the bowl of brownie mix! Yummy!

Now that Danny is progressing so well with his swallowing and eating, my focus is moving on to another obstacle; Danny’s physical limitations. Dr. Kaelin, the neurologist, wants Danny to be able to move his legs more which requires more physical therapy at home. The problem is two-fold. One, with insurance regulations, we have a limited number of visits and we have to spread those out for physical, occupational and speech. So, finding the balance is difficult and I’m sure we’re going to reach our limit soon. At this point, he has occupational and physical therapy only twice a week. Secondly, we’re limited with what the physical therapist can do in the home environment. Obviously, if we had some of the equipment that they use at Shepherd, the therapist could do more with Danny. Dr. Kaelin wants Danny to be doing more weight bearing activity. It would be great to be able to stand Danny upright. This would improve his bone density, circulation and balance, but we don’t have the space or the equipment.

We have our follow-up appointment with Dr. Kaelin on Friday and I’m hoping to get him to write an order for a Tilt Table. Just as the name implies, Danny is laid out on this table, strapped down and then the table tilts up so he is in a standing position. Obviously, this contraption isn’t cheap to purchase, but like the other medical equipment we’re using; I’m hoping insurance will allow us to rent it.

Please continue to pray for direction in the appropriate timing of Danny’s return to inpatient rehab at Shepherd Center. Again, if all the doors are opened, this would still be our last opportunity for an inpatient rehabilitation program. Also, lift up Danny’s physical movements; specifically his left arm and hand, and his legs and feet. Danny still has limited short term memory and has periods of confusion. I ask that you pray that Danny will have clear thoughts and be able to communicate what he means to say.

For those of us that care for Danny on a daily basis, please pray for continued strength both physically and mentally.

I hate to be redundant, but thank you all again for the emails, cards, food, gifts and prayers. May God bless your own lives since you have blessed our lives so much.

Until next time,


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