There are moments when all seems right in my world; when I can touch, feel and smell our life in the parallel.

I’d like to stretch those moments into minutes, minutes into hours and hours into days.

You get the point.

It’s in a flash of Danny’s voice that so resembles his voice from before.  That flash sends a zing through me and for that split second, I realize I’ve just dipped into our life on the parallel.

It’s the minute where Corbin has us laughing so hard because he is laughing so hard, with tears rolling down his face and the wheelchair seems to disappear, and I’ve just laughed myself into the life in the parallel.

It’s the five minutes that it took for Danny to walk with me down the aisle at our church (with his rolling walker) on Sunday morning and the five minutes it took to walk back up after service.  It’s those five minutes that I’ve touched our future.

It’s the dance at my best friend’s wedding that I got to share with my husband, where I could wrap my arms around him, put my head on his shoulder and close my eyes….without fear.  And, I’m taken back to our first dance as husband and wife when he sang in my ear.  And, I’m taken forward to our future first dance, on some beach somewhere, when he promises to be mine forever, again.

But, improvement is change.  And, change brings the unknown and the unknown, well, fear can creep in.

The chance is there to ask unanswerable questions or you can choose faith over fear.  You can choose to believe and be excited about it.  You can grow hope.

I have no idea how God is going to work out all these circumstances to place us permanently on the parallel, but I’m so excited to be taken there, even for just a moment, a minute, five minutes and forever.

It all adds up in the end.

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