It was the 10th on Tuesday.  Did you pray?  Just checking.  On our Facebook page here, I shared our very busy last month and Danny’s special prayer request.

But, I also shared a peek into a private moment of deep, grieving sadness.

Danny gets down; no surprise there.

We all do, right?

But, it seemed that, for whatever reason, Monday evening was harder than others.

It can hit like a punch to the gut or like a growing wave that pulls you off your feet.  The haunting sadness.

Sometimes you know what sparks the sadness; like watching the back story of an American Idol contestant taking care of his brain injured girlfriend or catching the new ‘don’t text and drive’ commercial.

And, the other times, it’s like a ghost trail left by the life we once knew or the one we never got to live out.

It can even be a ghost trail of the people we used to be.

Danny used to be a mechanic.  He used to ride an awesome motorcycle.  He used to, he used to, he used to.

When the passion is still in his heart, the inabilities are sick reminders that he just used to do those things.  He can’t now.  He may never.

But, he still loves.

How do you make peace with the past and set the ghost free?

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