BOO!  Scared all of you out there!   Its the ghost as if y’all wondered  I bet you guys are like here he goes again.  No, but really! I had a great day at therapy today and if y’all read Allison’s posts Im always my own worst critic but finally today I felt like it all started to come together.  Y’all are like wait a minute Allison is always talking about how hard I am on myself.  Its not like I walked out of therapy or anything like that.  But I walked with JZ and Candy AKA Super Therapist.  Going back to what Allison surely has written in the past she is truly is a brilliant woman.  Not that she can do the work for me but even when Im down on myself she is the first person to tell me how well I am doing and if anybody knows wether I am doing well or not she is the one.  Alright thats all I have to write until next time we meet out in cyber space or somewhere in person.

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