Meet Audrey, as in Hepburn.  She is our newest child and thankfully, the hairiest one too.  Audrey is a Goldendoodle and when she came home to us last week, was 12 weeks old.  She’s going to be a big girl, about 70lbs. and she doesn’t shed.  Praise the Lord!

It was kind of planned, but unplanned too.  I had contacted this breeder more than a month ago when they still had three puppies left, surprisingly.  However, between school starting, my parents visiting, etc., I just never got back in touch with them.

Danny and I actually got a day to ourselves and so I wrote them again to see if we could come meet the puppies, but they’d all been adopted already.  Audrey and her brother, the last two, were to be picked up that very weekend.

I wrote it off and figured we’d try again next year.  Most of the time, this breed of dog is spoken for before they are even born.

But, then the breeder called me and said the adoption for Audrey had fallen through and asked if we would like to come and meet her.

We did and the first thing she did was crawl up in Danny’s lap and lay there like a baby, on her back.

He was hooked and I think she was too.

It’s been an interesting week and a half for me having a dog in the house.

It isn’t like it has been before when we had a backyard.

Condo living is different and so she’s learning to cross her legs until we get outside to the pee pee area and how to sit in the elevator so as not to offend the non-pet people in the building.

Corbin likes her to ride with us to school in the mornings and so do his teachers.

She is quite obedient for a puppy; already sitting, laying down and we’re working on staying.

My goal is to get her trained to help Danny with some things.  We got a couple recommendations already for some good trainers that will come to us.

Audrey’s first vet appointment was great, but next week, she gets her third round of shots and I swear I’ve been to PetSmart half a dozen times already.

Corbin just called Audrey his best friend.  Oh, so cute!  A boy and his dog; nothing like it.

Then, Danny starts talking about how he thinks that she is his favorite dog he has ever had.

Well, Ms. Audrey, it didn’t take you too long to wrap my boys around that big paw of yours.  And, I’ve got to admit, it’s nice to have a girl around the house.

4 thoughts on “Introducing Audrey

  • September 18, 2010 at 12:12 am

    Hi cousin!
    That is exciting news, getting a new little puppy! I can only imagine how she’ll liven up your lives. I just watched the new video and was wiping my tears all along the way. It is so moving to hear your story and to see how God has done so many wonderful things in your lives. Both you and Danny look wonderful. Love you so much and hope to see you soon, somehow.


  • September 28, 2010 at 7:58 pm

    She’s darling!! So glad you have the company; sorry you have to go outside with her, but alas, the joys of owning a dog!! I think that the “mom” is kinda smitten as well!! Love you, mom

  • September 30, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    what a darling dog and wonderful writing by you – as always – thanks for sharing all that latest info….

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