Welcome 2007! I trust you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s and hopefully sticking to all those New Year’s resolutions. Yeah, right!

We visited Dr. Kaelin this morning so I thought it only fitting that I fill you all on where we are on this journey. As you read in the last update, Dr. Kaelin was interested in sending Danny to an outpatient program purely for physical therapy. Unfortunately, since then, we’re not much further along in that process. After today’s visit though, I believe we’re finally going to get Danny moving. By the end of this week, I should know when Danny will start Aqua Therapy at Shepherd; the sooner, the better, no? Also, last week I submitted the paperwork to the Beyond Therapy Program at Shepherd as well. I spoke with the Coordinator for the BT Program and she should be contacting me this week with where we fall on the waiting list. Please pray that all these therapy opportunities come soon! Not only does Danny need the therapy to get out of that chair, but he also needs the exercises to lose weight.

Speaking of chairs, we visited the Wheelchair Clinic at Shepherd on the 5th and got Danny measured for a new wheelchair. I’m really excited about it because Danny will be able to get himself around using his strong left leg and right arm. The chair can fold up for easy travel and there is no reclining option like the chair he has now. You may ask why I don’t want him to recline. Well, if you sit in a recliner all day, do you feel energized and active or too relaxed and unmotivated? Danny’s recliner on wheels enables him to feel and act more disabled than he really is. (Danny, if you’re reading this, I love you!) There was a time that Danny couldn’t hold his head up or sit up on his own, much like a newborn baby. Now, though, he is able to do all of that especially when he is sitting in a chair. He is even able to sit up on his own for a short period of time on the side of his bed. Anyway, I know that this new chair will help him in his independence, so please pray for a speedy track through the insurance process. He is very anxious for his new chair too.

As I mentioned in the last update, Danny’s cholesterol was extremely elevated. He was taking medication to help alleviate some of it. Thankfully, the medication did lower his cholesterol, but it increased his liver enzymes even more, so we had to take him off the medication. Now, we’re back to just diet and exercise; well, just diet for now since he isn’t in a therapy program yet. Anyway, on the 26th, Danny will have an ultrasound done on his liver to make sure all is well and then we go back to get his blood drawn on February 5th. Please pray for Danny’s liver to be very healthy!

Corbin is as peachy as ever and has cut another tooth. The little darling still isn’t sleeping that great at night, so we’re really working on a schedule for his nighttime routine. Thankfully, he did bless me with one full night’s sleep last night and I’m praying that is a continuing trend. I woke up at 6:43am and was pleasantly surprised. Corbin continues to jabber away more than any kid I’ve ever seen. It makes us all laugh which we all need right now anyway.

Loida is doing so great that she too is a walking testimony of God’s goodness. She should be wrapping up her second medication of chemo in the next couple months and then she begins radiation. This current medication is known for causing strange and uncomfortable side effects, but thankfully, she hasn’t experienced any of them. Her hair is starting to grow back too. It’s so cute! Anyway, thank you for your prayers for Loida and Hector too. As I spouse, I know how difficult it is to share in your spouse’s journey, but not be able to take it for them.

As I close, I’d like to request some feedback on the Web site. Is there anything else you’d like to see added or anything you’d like me to address in the updates? We haven’t received many emails lately; is this Web site helpful? Should I continue? Please remember that your emails offer encouragement to me and to Danny. We both could use it, but especially Danny. It’s okay to send emails specifically for him. I’ll make sure he gets them.

God bless you all in this New Year!

Allison “iHope” Diaz

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