I’m so thrilled to share with you the good strides that Danny is making in Beyond Therapy. He has now been for only six visits, but I personally have seen Danny do more physically than I knew he was able.
Last Tuesday, July 3rd, Danny rode the FES bike for 40 minutes keeping the electrical stimulation under 100%. He excels for the first 10 – 15 minutes, keeping the e-stim to less than 30%, but then you can see his body begin to fatigue. Of course, this is completely normal and of no surprise, but I was proud of him for pushing through the difficultly.
After the FES bike, Danny was transferred by sliding board to a half standing frame (see picture). While in the standing frame, Danny was able to pull himself to a standing position from gradually lowered positions until he was standing up from a seated position. It was awesome to see because not only did he do it once, but several times and was encouraged to hold each stand for ten seconds. I was elated to say the least and Danny was sweating!
From there, Danny was transferred to the hi-lo mat table (a matted table that can go up and down). He was seated on the side of the table, feet on the floor and given a contraption that he rested his arms, elbows bent, hands grasping two grips. From there he stood without pads keeping his knees from buckling while just holding onto the grips to support his upper body. His therapist asked him to pick up his left foot which he did. She told him that she thought he was strong enough to take a step with his left leg. She inserted a plastic brace in his shoe under his foot and behind his calf. Danny stood again and when he picked up his heel, his whole foot came with it and he stepped forward and then backward. I was almost in tears and he, of course, was just laughing.
I have seen Danny work really hard and I’ve also seen it make a difference in his outlook on the days that he works out. I truly hope that on some level he understands that every effort he gives makes a difference. It is all about small things adding up to the big ones.
Yesterday, Danny was able to pull himself to a standing position without any assistance! He was seated in front of a stationary bar and while holding onto the bar, he pulled himself up. Not only did he do it once, but several times and he was able to hold it for one minute! His therapist was calling all the others over to see what Danny was doing. I believe that says a bunch about his progress and his prognosis.
I’m so excited to tell you that on Wednesday, Danny will be on the Lokomat. The Lokomat is a robotic treadmill. It literally walks the patient for them, but at the same time measures the ability and effort that the patient is giving. I cannot wait to see Danny walking! Lokomat or not, it will be a sight to see. Don’t worry; I’m taking pictures and video.
The Beyond Therapy program is such a blessing and I am unable to form words to tell you how much of an impact I believe it is going to be in this journey. I know Danny will walk this year and I am pressing onward knowing that the end is almost here. With the end of this chapter, it only begins another and I know the Lord will direct us to where His faithfulness to us will shine in the lives of others.
Thank you for the emails that you’ve already sent to Danny. I love them and so does Danny. Keep them coming!
Also, I’m so thankful to our friends and family that are organizing and volunteering in this years Chopper Classic Golf Tournament. I’m impressed with the caliber of this year’s event and have hopeful expectations of an even bigger turnout from last year.
I’ve included some pictures of Danny at therapy and a couple more of the family. Take care and know that we all love you and are so appreciative of all the support we’ve received and continue to receive.

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