June brought some unexpected, although not surprising, decisions.

If you keep up with our Facebook page, you already know that we were gently pressed to pay down our balance at Shepherd, which was $8200 at that time.

And, as most of you know, I’m terrible at asking for help. But, a wise woman once told me, that the easiest thing to do is to give money.

So, I humbly asked on Facebook for help to pay for Danny’s therapy; an initiative that still brings about progress in his recovery.

My request was the most far reaching status update that I’d ever posted.

I shared with Danny the hard knocks of the issue and a few days later, he’d already planned with his therapists to take off the month of July.

Because Danny has two hours a week that are covered as physical therapy visits with our insurance, he is continuing to go for those appointments.

Then, they’ve built him a workout regimen to do on his own.

We’ve started to keep a log of what he does, the distance he walks and the time it takes him.

I’m proud to say that he’s done something each day in July (not the weekend); whether it be walking in the hallway with me or going down to Shepherd on his off days, he is doing it and I couldn’t be happier with his initiative.


In addition to taking a break from Beyond Therapy, we had a follow up appointment with Danny’s neurologist.

If you remember, at the first of the year, we’d begun to take away some of Danny’s medications. Thankfully, he’s not had any difficult side effects.

This last visit, we planned to switch antidepressants. He did great coming off the one that was originally prescribed as a stimulant for his brain. And, he’s done well so far with the new one.

This new antidepressant is actually geared more towards Danny’s obsessive tendencies and should ease some of his need to be in control. It hasn’t even been a week yet, so I’m not ready to make a determination on how well it’s working. Apparently, it can take two to three weeks before any changes might be evident.


But, today is Pray Day…are you In On 10?

I asked Danny what he wanted to pray about today and I got the usual “progress and strength to keep going.”

Not to downplay those requests, but I really wanted him to go deeper and open up about what his needs really are.

So, I pressed him.

“My posture and my right leg to get stronger???????????????????????????????????????”

That’s exactly what he texted me.

I pressed him again to really tell you all what his needs are and that may not be something with his body.

This is what he replied.

“Just thank all of those people who’ve been riding this journey through prayer. I think I’m closer than I’ve ever thought. I kind of believe now.”

So, thank you, People. For your prayers. For your donations. For your encouragement and your support.

Are we done? Nope.

We still need to come up with some money for Shepherd. We still need to keep fighting. He’s still progressing for goodness sake!

Next month, we’re hoping to share a new way that you all can help. It’s going to add new meaning to being In On 10.

In the meantime, for today, I’ll pull it all together.

Pray for provision. Pray for wisdom in Danny’s treatment. Pray for Danny’s internal motivation and initiative to keep battling.

We give thanks for you, to you and over you. May you be blessed as you have blessed us.

Are you In on 10 today?

Let us know! We want to hear from you!

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