I’ve certainly known loss in my 33 years and I don’t think I have to go into details here.  I’ve lost many things; tangible and intangible.

But, this week, I’ve joined a club of thousands of people.

I lost my job.

Yes, my heart is pounding as I type this.  A deep breath is necessary and I’m trying not to write a good old fashioned pity party right now.

The fact is I have a choice.

We all do.  Everyday.

Should I have the Krispy Kreme doughnut or have oatmeal instead?  Do I let Corbin watch Scooby Doo or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?  Do I take the easy way out and order pizza?  Do I stay with my injured husband and fight to the death for my family?

Do I wallow in my fear or continue to trust God?


I hate making grown up choices sometimes.  I wish all I had to worry about was what I wanted my mommy to pack for my snack.

But, that is obviously impossible.  You can’t go back and skip it.

So, I can’t go back and keep my job.  I can’t go back and skip Danny’s accident.

First, I give thanks.  Thanks to the Lord for this company that gave me back my job when Danny got hurt and we never had a lapse in health insurance. Thanks that I was able to keep my job and they were flexible with my crazy, hectic schedule.  Thank you that I was blessed to work from home for the last eight months.  Thank you for a reasonable severance package to help keep the fear at bay for some time.  It has been exactly what we needed.

But, now, opportunity hasn’t just knocked, it’s blown down the door.  It wasn’t my choice to be let go from my job, but it is my choice what I do about it.

God has opened a new door and at the right time.  I probably would have continued on the same path because it was enough.

I choose to be still and know He is God.  I choose to listen to His direction, His placement of where my new career will be and how to get there.

Am I scared?  Of course!  I wouldn’t be human if I wasn’t scared a little bit.

For now, I rest knowing that we’ll have a roof over our head, food in our bellies and each other.  And, when it all comes down, that is all that matters anyway.

How you can help?

First of all, pray for us.  For the right job and the assurance of peace in the direction to take.  For Danny and his time in Beyond Therapy.  For funding for him to continue.  For provision of all our needs.

Secondly, if you know of a position that may be of interest or know someone looking to fill a position, email me at dannyandallison@hotmail.com.

Lastly, pray for this club that I’m now a part of.  There are so many people without jobs and are in much worse situations than us.

To be able to hear Corbin laugh and to have Danny with us, to have a beautiful home and our needs met, we are blessed.

Now, go pray before I get scared again.

One thought on “Loss and Opportunity

  • December 14, 2010 at 7:37 pm

    I have been thinking of your little family so much, since I got the news of your job loss. I will pray pray pray! God has a wonderful job just waiting for you, Allison. You are such a talented, beautiful, and capable woman, and I know you would be able to do so many different types of things. We are believing with you and waiting to hear what door God opens for you.

    Love you all!
    Farrah, Abel, and Micah

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