I’m another year older as of yesterday. This will be the last year that I’m honest about my age; 29, for the first time. Although I had to work, I took an extra long lunch with my first boyfriend, my dad. Then, I left work early to head home to my boys. My father took Corbin out of the house and everyone else graciously made themselves absent for the evening.

Danny and I had the whole evening to ourselves. I cooked dinner which wasn’t more than throwing lasagna in the oven, making a salad and putting strawberries on top of cake. However, the point is that we were alone. We ate on trays in front of the TV, watched part of a cheesy movie, went out to the garage to visit his motorcycle and even got some snuggle time in before it was time for bed. Although he couldn’t remember why yesterday was special, it was special to me. It was a great birthday.

This past week has been pretty calm as far as news. On Saturday, I took Danny up to Killer Creek Harley-Davidson. He’d been asking me for the last couple of weeks if I could take him up there. We left home and stopped for lunch on the way. I hadn’t told anyone that we were coming and so we made quite a stir when we strolled in the store. Some of those people hadn’t seen Danny since October, so you can imagine what kind of progress they saw in Danny.

We had to shop for shirts for Danny since he doesn’t have enough Harley gear. Can you sense my sarcasm? I can’t begin to estimate how many Harley shirts Danny owns, but as long as it made his day, I would have bought him anything. The manager of the motorclothes department graciously gave us five shirts, so a BIG thanks to Corrie at KCHD. Danny loved looking at everything and visiting with everyone. Nowadays, when Danny laughs really hard, both his legs stick straight out in the air. It is like his legs are the barometer for the amount of humor is in the air. When he does this, his butt scoots away from the back of the chair. He laughed so much that I had to pull him back in his chair twice. It was so fun!

Danny enjoyed his time there, but did finally tell me that he was ready to leave. Hello? We’d been there two and a half hours! The funny thing is that although he told me he was ready to leave, when we got in the van he asked where we were going for dinner. He is so funny. Since noise seems to bother Danny so much, I asked him why he didn’t complain about it while we were at KCHD. He told me because that is where he wanted to be. A friend of ours that works there who had won a chopper started it for Danny. While it was running, Danny reached up and gave it a bit of throttle. It was just like I’d have expected him to do.

Speaking of noise, have you tried to go to the Georgia Aquarium yet? Well, we all decided that Danny would really enjoy it, but we made the big mistake of taking him on Sunday. Needless to say, after being there for about twenty minutes, we decided to leave. Danny just couldn’t take it. There was too much going on between all the people and all the noise. I felt so bad because he just kept his sunglasses on and began to cry in frustration. I know we’re going to try to take him another day, but it’ll have to be during the week. Luckily, the Aquarium was kind enough to give back our tickets.

However, as nice as I’m sure the Aquarium is, I have a huge complaint. When we got there, I was going to take Danny to the bathroom. Guess what? They have no family bathroom. No bathroom that a father can take his daughter or that I could take Danny. I mean, come on Mr. Blank, they have those at Lenox Mall for goodness sake. I will be writing a nice letter to the powers that be hoping that for all those families that don’t let their child walk alone into a crowded bathroom and for families like ours, a well placed family bathroom will be installed. We’ll see how far I get.

Danny continues his three day week over at Pathways. His PT would like to get a standing frame for the house; a similar contraption to the tilt table written in previous updates. She is going to write the order to submit to insurance. I hate to say “here we go again,” but here we go again. Hopefully this time, they won’t request one that has all the bells and whistles that will cost $6,000. With the standing frame at home, he will get more weight bearing exercise. Without it, his bones will continue to get weaker. So, keep your prayers lifted up.

This being Memorial Day weekend, I know there will be a lot of riders out on the roads. I’d like to encourage you to wear appropriate safety gear i.e. a DOT helmet. Looking like a mushroom cap or dealing with a bit more heat under the hat, is much easier to deal with than having to deal with an injury. Everyone, please be careful out there on the roads whether you’re on two or four wheels.

I’d like to go ahead and thank those of you who have contributed via the Chopper Golf Classic. It’s shaping up to be a wonderful and fun event. Danny is looking forward to it and has even said that he needs a new set of golf clubs. I told him when he is walking; I’ll buy him whatever he wants. So, I look forward to seeing those of you who have registered to play on June 14th.

Until next week, God keep you safe.
Allison “heart on her sleeve” Diaz

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