Look at Danny’s posture! The picture was taken last Friday at therapy, which I suppose is obvious. Anyway, as you can see, Danny continues to improve even with those casts on his legs.

Speaking of casts, Danny’s surgery went smoothly and he has only complained of minor discomfort. As predicted and hoped for, he is still able to participate in all aspects of therapy except walking which would be difficult for any of us to do. The casts get taken off on November 26th and he may or may not have to have braces on afterwards. We’re believing that there won’t be a need for any further equipment!

Loida had her reconstructive surgery on November 5th and is doing remarkably well. Doctors inserted her permanent implant and were also able to remove her port. She gets tired quite easily which is understandable and is looking forward to resting this weekend in the Bahamas.

As if all those praise reports weren’t enough, I’ve saved the biggest one for last.

We’re moving! Yes, you read that right. We’re moving; all of us! All things going according to the Lord’s plan; in January, Hector and Loida, her parents, me, Danny and Corbin will move to a condominium highrise. Danny, Corbin and I will be living in a 2-bedroom, 2 1/2 bath condominium and Hector and Loida, along with her parents will be right next store to continue to offer us assistance.

Danny and I are looking forward to being able to sleep in the same bed together and have the whole home wheelchair accessible. He’ll finally get to participate in Corbin’s bath time and diaper changing:) I am so excited to be able to have my own kitchen with my own things and be able to “nest.” Isn’t it wonderful? Danny won’t be limited any more by his living space and we have the most beautiful view. We won’t have to worry about Corbin falling down the stairs and with the park right there, he’ll have lots of area to play outside. It is truly a gift from God.

These next couple of months will be very busy with the holidays and preparing for the move. We’ll be in Phoenix from December 20th until January 2nd celebrating Christmas and New Years with our family there. Then when we get back it’s pack, pack, pack! Since all of our stuff that we didn’t sell has been in storage, we have to sort and decide what we’re going to keep for the condo, keep in storage and then give away or sell. Plus, we sold our couches and we have to get appliances so we get to go shopping for new stuff! Please pray for wisdom and the Lord’s provision.

Also, I have another prayer request to offer. When we needed transportation for Danny back in October 2005, the Lord provided our full size van literally the day before we had to bring him home from the hospital. It was a great price, with low mileage and it has been perfect for us; until now. Danny sits so tall in his chair that he cannot see anything, but the road in front of him. Additionally, he could be much safer riding in a typical position, in a tradition seat what with all the airbags and full back support. So, we have begun researching our options. Since Danny is so tall, a tradition minivan with ramp will not work for us and it doesn’t get him in a regular seat. We’re hoping to find a full size SUV that we can install a Bruno Turny Orbit seat – a fully powered, rotating and lowering mobility seat. This can be installed in a number of vehicles and basically converts your passenger front seat into one that is easily accessible. Please pray that the Lord would give us wisdom as to the appropriate timing of such an investment and also the right vehicle for us.

Lastly, we thank the Lord for opening this opportunity to have our own home to us and for His hand in Danny’s continuing recovery. We’re so blessed to have come to this place of independence; a place we never knew we’d return to. While this is a big step and we’re so thrilled, please continue to keep Danny’s mind, body and spirit in your prayers. The battle continues to his total goal of independence.

Oh, Corbin and I are doing fine too:)

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  • October 29, 2009 at 3:48 pm

    allison and danny,i am praying for you and i know the lord hs this all under control.love,kent lumm.

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