Hello, Faithful Readers and Friends! We’ve had an excellent time since my last update and I can’t wait to share all the positives.

So, let’s dive right on in…..

Did someone say dive? Well, that is exactly what we did with Danny last week; we got him in the pool. Joe and Amy, our volunteer PTs, and I got Danny in the pool and the Jacuzzi for therapy. It was so much fun and a lot of work. We were all wiped out afterwards. It is really good for Danny to get in the pool and be able to move around without so much weight, but also because while weightless, the water creates resistance. We laughed so hard because he floats! Next time, we’re going to have to weigh his feet down. He was able to simulate riding a bicycle, with assistance from Joe. We also experimented with gait simulation; meaning Joe and I underwater walking Danny’s legs. Come to find out, I float too. It had to be a sight to see and we do have pictures so when I get a chance, I’ll post them.

Danny had his last appointment with Dr. James, the neuropsychologist last week. He believes it is time for Danny to take a break, but is available if we need it. I thought it was good timing too because I’m not sure that Danny was really benefiting from his time there. He is not a big fan of Dr. James and I think that he put up a wall and was unable to absorb whatever advice Dr. James would give. So, we’ll see how Danny does over the next few weeks.

We are now officially off Ritalin as of yesterday and Danny seems to handling it great. I asked him last night if he noticed any difference in himself. He said he wasn’t as moody; I’m not sure he is right in his assessment, but at least he came up with that on his own. We’re going to wait a week before we begin to wean him off the next medication, making sure we see all the effects of the Ritalin withdrawal.

Saturday, we took Danny to an exciting event; power wheelchair soccer. For those of you that don’t know, Danny was a very good soccer player in his day. So, we thought this might be a good way for Danny to get involved in something that he is interested in. All the players are in power wheelchairs for a range of disabilities and there is also a range in ages. They had some extra power wheelchairs and a few guys picked him up and put him in one. He had a smile on his face from ear to ear. He drove that chair around that gym and pushed the soccer ball all around. He had a great time, but complained that his butt was hurting, so we left after an hour or so. It was great watching him learn something new and have fun doing it. Unfortunately, I’m not sure he wants to go back. I’ve noticed that being around other people in wheelchairs and with other disabilities, Danny feels “retarded.” We’ll have to see how he feels in a couple of weeks when the soccer team actually has a game. Perhaps then, he’ll want to play.

Last night, I reluctantly took my boys out on our own. Danny was adamant about going out and so I decided we would try it. Of course, I had to pick the night that there was a tornado warning! Luckily, we missed the torrential rain while we were in the restaurant. Corbin was an angel which really makes or breaks the evening out as all you parents out there know. Danny helped by holding Corbin in his lap while I pushed them to and from the van. We really had a nice time and as long as Corbin has an adequate nap and is in a good mood, I think we could do it again.

So, I won’t be able to write an update for a while because Corbin and I are heading out west. Yes, folks, we’re going to Arizona to visit the family there. I can’t wait to introduce Corbin to his cousins and see how he interacts with kids closer to his own age. I’m also looking forward to resting a lot! My plan is to have no plans; just sit by my parent’s pool and play with my son and nephews. I hate to leave Danny, but he says he understands that I need a break. It will probably be good for him to see what it is like not having me and Corbin around him. I say that because he is always telling me to leave him and find a new dad for Corbin. Perhaps while we’re away for this trip, he’ll get a taste of how much he really wants us; absence makes the heart grow fonder, hopefully. We leave on Saturday and don’t come home until the 23rd. Please pray for our safe travel and also happy travels on the plane. Also, pray for Danny. I don’t want him to feel abandoned by us or lonely.

Shortly after we return from Arizona, Danny and I will celebrate our five year anniversary. We’re excited to celebrate. Danny has ordered me an anniversary band to match my wedding ring and I’m taking Danny for his tattoo. Yes, we’re getting inked. Danny has wanted his logo tattooed since before his accident and he still wants it. I have a tattoo that I got when I was 18 and I’m going to have it covered with a new one. When Danny was brought into the ER, they named him Orchid 25 since they didn’t have his ID yet. I’m going to have an orchid in his honor. It should be an interesting experience for everyone.

Tomorrow, Loida has her second round of chemotherapy. She did very well after her first round and we trust the Lord for the same blessing after this one. Her hair has started to fall out, but her wig is fabulous. She looks great in it and she is having fun with this opportunity to change her look so easily.

Hector has been limping around lately because of an old hip injury. Doctors told him years ago that he’d have to have hip replacement one day. Well, that day is approaching quickly. He met with the hip specialist this week and he is going to give Hector a shot of Cortizone in the hip. The specialist is not interested in replacing the hip until it is absolutely necessary. Please pray for Hector’s pain to subside.

Sunday, October 15th, Family Force 5 is holding three shows at the Dark Horse Tavern for our benefit. Danny will be there for the concert; not at all three shows, but at least one of them. If you’d like to attend, you can get tickets at: http://apps.e-vent.info/FamilyForce5/3.0/Storefront/Events.aspx

The folks at Killer Creek are also putting together a ride down to the concert. If you’d like to join you can contact Erica Aiken at 770-777-1000. Thank you to all of you who are putting these events together and donating your money and your time. I truly appreciate your commitment to helping my family.

God bless, Allison “resting out west” Diaz

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