It’s coming quickly.

Time does that; circling back around each year as a reminder we’re still in the midst of churning. It’s hard to believe we’re about to mark 10 years of this gig.

On August 16th, we’re going to hit double digits.

What started out with 80FT. has turned into almost 87,600 hours of wading through traumatic brain injury and the ripple effects on our lives. As much as I try not to make it, TBI elbows its way into the center of each aspect of our lives. We bump into reminders every day that it’s still here, it’s still an unwanted guest at the table.

However, 10 years brings a bit of wisdom and responsibility along with it. It yields opportunity to step back and see the work that God has done, that is He doing and that through and in spite of us, He is able to do.

August 16th is usually a terrible day for me; really, a series of days of swatting memories and sadness away like flies in summer that just won’t quit. I bemoan this day and what we’re supposed to do with it. Like chicken for dinner, what can I do different with it this time?

With all this wisdom and responsibility I never wanted, I cracked open the door to an opportunity (and took several deep breaths) and asked our Pastor if I could share our story this Sunday, the 10th anniversary. I told him how I wanted to take back this day that life stole from us and choose to turn it around to encourage others who might be suffering through their own mess. I told him I wanted to speak, well, I wanted God to speak through our story, and redeem this day for us.

He responded, “Why wouldn’t we do that?”

So, it’s official. Sunday, August 16th at 6pm at Cumberland Community Church in Smyrna, GA, we’re taking back the day.

Please come for a time of worship and sharing, as I speak about our journey over the last 10 years and the significance of sharing our stories, and showing our scars. We pray you’ll be encouraged, know that you’re not alone, to give you freedom and hope that can only come from God. P.S. No childcare provided.


It is the 10th and we could certainly use your prayers as we seek the Lord in preparation for Sunday. We ask for the Holy Spirit to come and fill our mouths, our hearts and the entire evening for the revelation of God’s glory and goodness.

Additionally, you may have seen on our Facebook page, that Danny and his caregiver were rear-ended the latter part of July. We are grateful they were not injured; however, Danny’s chair is once again totaled, as was the wheelchair lift and damage to the tailgate of our vehicle.

While the claims process has been going smoothly, we’ve run into a bump with the durable medical company that supplied his wheelchair. It seems they are having difficulty receiving the pricing on parts from the manufacturer in order to provide an estimate on the repair or replacement of the wheelchair. This has stalled our ability to settle this part of the claim with the auto insurance provider, thus delaying our ability to order a new chair. Can you join us in prayer that this issue will get resolved?

We are also considering the need for a wheelchair accessible vehicle in which the wheelchair would be inside of the vehicle, instead of out on the rear. If you recall, we went through a similar situation last year where his previous wheelchair fell off the lift while the car was in motion. So, if you’re counting, yes, this is twice we’ve had to replace Danny’s wheelchair in less than two years. I can’t do this again.

The cost of a wheelchair accessible van is daunting. I honestly have no idea how we could pay for it, or afford monthly payments. Can you also pray for the Lord to provide guidance on this issue and the finances if we are to proceed?

As always, on the 10th, I ask you to pray for Danny’s complete restoration, his continued healing, and for the relationships within our family. Please pray for Corbin has he enters a new school year and pray for me as it feels like I have all the things.

Thank you for your support over these almost 10 years (ouch) and we hope to see you on Sunday!

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