Today marks a big first for our family; Corbin’s first day of school! It was a bit hurried this morning, getting myself ready and then cornering Corbin to get him dressed, fed and out the door and to school on time. However, we were successful!

I was a tad bit anxious about the moment of separation and wouldn’t you know, my boy didn’t let me down. Coupled with the fact that Mom was leaving him with strangers and the fact that he’s been sick (more on that momentarily) made my anxiety grow all the more. You see, his teachers actually come out to the car and get him out of his seat to take him into the school. I love the idea and I’m sure it saves a lot of tears at the classroom door and also keeps parents and kids from walking through the parking lots while childless cars leave to get to their office or local Starbucks.

So, I hung my large “Hey, Corbin is in this car” sign on my rear view mirror, took a deep breath and waited to see how Corbin responded to Ms. Deb approaching his door. Well, Ms. Deb must have known exactly how to get Corbin comfortable; “Good morning, Corbin” in her most southern accent that I, a home grown Atlanta girl, even have to really listen sometimes. “We’re going to stay outside and ride in the cars for awhile.” Corbin took her hand, his bag and never looked back.

I suppose, though, had there been tears, I would also have cried all the way to Starbucks, I mean, work. But, since my big, almost three year old boy boldly went along ignoring all the crying classmates, he made me proud. Watch it; now, on Friday, they’ll have to pull him away from the car door, kicking and screaming.

Oh, and about him being sick. Well, he started with runny nose and watery eyes on Friday so I automatically concluded it as allergies. But, on Sunday, he started with a fever so off to Urgent Care we went and found that low and behold, the Boy has the beginnings of an ear infection. Luckily, with the antibiotics, he’s a new boy and obviously wasn’t as anxious about the first day of school as I was.

I had to take pictures before we loaded up in the car since I knew I wasn’t allowed to get out of the car at school.

On an end note, please pray for the golf tournament as we have had NO registrations yet and it’s less than three weeks away. If we don’t have a big rush here shortly, we’ll have to look at later dates which can mean colder and rainier weather and less turnout. If you have meant to sign up and haven’t yet, DO IT NOW please at We decided not to print brochures this year to save on expenses, but I can email you an electronic version if you’d like.


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