I know you committed readers are thankful to see a new update! I can tell when I need to write again because my mom starts getting calls to make sure weíre alright. Iím not kidding, but it is nice to have people notice. New pictures are going to be posted so make sure to look in the Family Album.

Okay, so down to the nitty-gritty.

Like I stated in my last update, Loidaís surgery went very well. She had little pain afterwards and is getting back to do some light activities. Her port for the chemotherapy was inserted last week and that actually has irritated her more than the surgery. Loidaís first round of chemo is scheduled for Tuesday, so please keep her in your prayers that day as we donít know what kind of reaction sheíll have from the treatment. Doctors are expecting her treatment period to last about a year, but we all have seen what healing God can do in a year, right?

Speaking of one year, since weíve just passed Dannyís one year marker, we are quickly approaching Corbinís first birthday. On the 20th, my little man will be one! I canít believe it! Weíre going to celebrate next Saturday with cake and ice cream. Danny and I went together to pick out his cake. Danny wanted the Harley-Davidson or Hummer cake, but since those werenít really baby-like, we decided on Cars, from the Disney movie. I canít wait to see what he does with the cake. He has minimal interest in his own pureed food and reaches for whatever youíre eating. However, he just cut his first tooth at the beginning of this month so he is going to have to wait a bit longer for chicken tenders.

Next week, Corbin is going to have his second photo shoot for his one year pictures. Iím thinking of just going with the naked baby shots and maybe some pictures in just denim overalls. Although, it really doesnít matter what the little darling wears because he is just so dang cute! I know Iím biased, but come on, you canít tell me that me and Danny didnít make a beautiful baby boy. I know, Iím the proud Mama. Corbin is a Mamaís boy and is now full fledged into the separation anxiety stage. Talk about breaking your heart! I can hardly get out the door to go to work. I know I should value this time though since tight hugs wonít last forever. There will come a time that Mom and Dad arenít cool. But, for now, I treasure every moment that I can and I know Danny does too.

Danny just loves that little boy. When Iím standing next to him with Corbin in my arms, heíll grab Corbinís foot and suck on his toes and Corbin just laughs out loud. It is so great and I just hope it hits Dannyís heart and Corbinís too for that matter. I just pray all the time that the Lord will give Danny and Corbin a strong bond and relationship, stronger than most fathers and sons. I know that Danny can not be the kind of father that he wants to be to Corbin right now and I canít imagine how frustrating that is for him. Often times Danny just resigns himself not to be a father figure at all. It is incredibly difficult for all of us and is getting more so as Corbin gets older. Danny will curse or say something completely inappropriate in front of Corbin and I have to get after him. Itís the last thing I want to do; scold Danny. The problem is that Danny does have that ďfilter,Ē but it is not consistent. So, sometimes he will keep his mouth shut or just allude to something inappropriate, but then other times, it is full force bad, very bad. How do I shelter Corbin from that? Iíve been struggling with that so much lately.

Tomorrow morning the standing frame is arriving and then that afternoon Joe and Amy our famous physical therapists, are going to work with Danny. I tell you, I can see such a difference in Dannyís attitude when he is worked regularly. It is an amazing difference. Anyway, weíre so glad to finally be getting the equipment that weíve been waiting for almost four months. It should give Danny some great stretches and also provide weight bearing exercise which will help his bones and his balance. Iím looking forward to seeing the improvement with the standing frames regular use.

Iíd like to take a paragraph to again thank those of you who participated in the Benefit Ride last October. Weíve finally been able to view the raw footage of the ride and I was again brought to tears. Danny has been watching it over and over and continues to ask to see the t-shirt and all the liability forms signed by the riders and passengers. He has been really interested in it lately and says it makes him feel good. He told me that he didnít realize that he meant that much to so many people. So, thank you, for what you contributed that day almost a year ago is still doing its job in Dannyís recovery.

Thanks for checking in on us! Please pray for Loidaís upcoming treatment, Dannyís physical and mental recoveries and for me too. Iím so encouraged by Dannyís progress and am held up by my faith in the Lord, but still need the prayers!

Lots of blessings to you and yours,

Allison ďframing upĒ Diaz

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