Today is the 10th! It’s Pray Day for Danny!

Lots has happened over the last month and we’ve experienced many firsts!

1. Danny walking into a restaurant for the first time in seven years (with the walker)
2. The 7th anniversary of working to turn tragedy into triumph
3. As a family, we went out to dinner without a wheelchair; Corbin was a big help!
4. Our first Small Group
5. The start of 1st grade for our little man
6. We left the house without a wheelchair in the car…on purpose
7. The Lord provides and knows our hearts-a donor paid a large portion of our Beyond Therapy balance and we’ve been able to keep him at 6 hours a week

It’s been a crazy month, but Danny has made progress, as you can see.

However, we’ve had hard moments too. Danny gets aggravated and frustrated and disappointed. We all do, but it seems that Danny struggles more than others – perhaps it’s the brain injury, perhaps it’s that he’s always been his own worst critic, but no matter, it affects all the relationships in his life.

So, this month, Danny has asked that you all pray for his attitude. I was surprised by this request, but thankful that he is able to identify the importance of a good attitude during these trials. We are blessed and Danny has an incredible support system. However, sometimes his “injury goggles” blur the ability to really see.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. Love and blessings to all!

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