Few of you knew, but Mama Eagle and Baby Eagle (that would be me and Corbin) headed west to Arizona to surprise my father for his 60Th birthday. Sorry to mention your real age, Dad, but no one would believe me if I said you were turning 40.

Thankfully, we were able to pull off the big surprise and I was able to catch it all on video. The picture is of Papa and all his boys; Davis, 6, Brett, 4, and Corbin bringing up the rear at almost 3.

My mom was able to arrange for Dad to have most of the week off of work and she was off too, so we got to spend a bunch of time together as a family and Corbin got lots of time with his cousins. Their favorite thing to do was play in the pool together. Corbin isn’t a swimmer yet, but he wasn’t afraid to get in the middle of the big boys. See the picture below.

Corbin also came home with some new words that he now thinks are so silly. I won’t go into details, but if you have had boys their age around, you know everything is about bodily functions.

I was able to relax a bit. My parent’s neighbor is a massage therapist and I got two sessions with her. She is so good, but I was really sore after the second one because she really loosened everything up so well.

My sister-in-law blessed me with clothes from her closet, which is pretty much like buying new clothes since she tends to buy more than she wears. She also gave me more clothes that the boys had outgrown for Corbin, so we are set for awhile. Thanks, Kari!

While Corbin and I were in Arizona, Danny stayed in Atlanta and worked hard at therapy. He also had fun with different activities; poker with the boys, dinners out, dominoes and pool side chillin’. He, of course, called often to say how much he missed us and was eagerly awaiting our return. He met us at the airport and busted out in tears when he saw us. When we got back to the condo, it was clean and I had beautiful roses from my husband. It was a refreshing return.

Of course, as usual, our life is pretty topsy-turvy and flexibility is a must, so things this week have returned to our version of normal. I’m still looking for someone to nanny Corbin the days I work and then we’re also preparing for several life events. Danny is in a wedding this weekend, it’s his brother’s birthday, his parent’s anniversary and then on Tuesday, it’s his birthday. If you think about it, send an email on the 15Th wishing him a happy day. Hector and Loida are also planning to vacation for their anniversary, so we’re making sure we have help the days we need it.

Corbin and I were able to visit Danny at therapy on Monday. We were there for his walking session with Candy and I was incredibly impressed with his continuous improvement on a weekly basis. I was able to video it, but I haven’t had time to get it to where I can post it here. I will, just give me a week. Anyway, he is now initiating every step with the right leg which is the weaker of the two. His left leg is great; in fact, they don’t put any electric stimulation on that leg/knee anymore. Danny has also been walking/gaiting twice a week lately instead of once which is a good sign that it is a big benefit. Candy set a new goal for Danny and that is to be able to use only the standard walker for gaiting therapy by September 7Th. No more Argo! Please pray that all parts of Danny’s body continue to re-learn how to work together to be most effective in therapy.

Lastly, before I close, I have golf tournament information! Mark your calendars for Monday, September 22Nd for a great day at Eagle Watch Golf Club in Woodstock, GA. You can register online at www.tgusa.org. Click on the tournament titled “Aflac Chopper Classic.” I’m not sure if the link is up yet, but it should be soon. Sponsorship is as follows: Hole Sponsor-$500, Team Sponsor – $750, VIP Sponsor – $1,000, Corporate Sponsor – $2,000 and Foundation Sponsor – $3,000. If you’d like to donate to our cause without playing in the tournament, you can do so at www.dannyandallison.com and click on “Donate Now.”

I should have some more video up soon. I am going to attempt to insert the video we presented at last year’s tournament and of course, I’ll continue to put clips of Danny’s progress.

Thank you!

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