Lisa-Jo Baker has a blog that I love to read. She has this thing on Fridays – Five Minute Friday. You guessed it; write for five minutes straight. No editing. No re-do. She gives the topic and you just write. Then you link it up to her site, comment on the other link-er before you and boom-hundreds of bloggers are writing about the same subject on the same day. 

Today’s Topic: RACE


I’m not a runner. The best shape I was ever in was in high school. Thank you, Coach Price.

Lately, I’ve been wishing I was a runner. Everyone seems to be out on the beaten trail, the pavement or the treadmill.

I’m not. Not exactly.

I realize I run a race. I may not have numbers across my shirt, but I run nonetheless.

I’ve always exercised more when I had a partner.

And, I realize that I really do. He keeps step with me. Side by side. He tells me to breathe, to think about my strides, my path.

Sometimes, He guides me and sometimes He’ll give me a rest, a drink of water and a pep talk.

He’s a great trainer.

Exercise is truly a therapy and He is the Great Therapist. We talk while we run. Sometimes I cry. He lets me.

Sometimes, I want to quit before my session is through. But, He assures me that the end is worth it. He created the path. He knows the way. He promises me my race will be worth the effort, worth the pain and worth the price He’s paid for it.

My Jesus is the best running partner ever.

Now, if I could only get out on the trail, the beaten path, the pavement, I know He’ll meet me there too.


2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Race

  • October 13, 2012 at 12:55 am

    Love the thought of Jesus being a running partner! We all need His partnership when running the race of life! Always enjoy reading your entries! Thanks for posting!

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