Danny’s birthday was on Sunday.

I managed to pull off a surprise party on Saturday.  It was a miracle and it, like everything in our lives, took a village.

And, Danny got iTunes gift cards.

Trolling away on iTunes, finding new music and then creating playlists to have at physical therapy is a favorite past time of Danny’s.  It’s something he can do on his own, independently.

So gift cards made a great choice!  But, you have to load the credit to be able to use them.

I heard the sighs of frustration from the laptop as I busied myself straightening the living room.

“I can’t do this!” he cried out.

I sat down next to him and his face was covered in sweat.

He couldn’t get the code entered into iTunes correctly and he was literally making such an effort mentally, he was sweating.  Not just across the forehead.  I mean, upper lip and chin kind of sweat.

He was getting confused looking at the card, the keyboard and the screen.

Now, to his defense, those codes are like 24 characters in length.

However, he still felt stupid for not being able to complete a reasonably simple task. That plays with your mind.  It defeats you.  As hard as he was trying, sweat and all, his brain just wouldn’t do what he wanted it to do, what he knew it should do and what he knew it once could do.

An unimaginable frustration.

Battlefield of the mind.

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